Faerie Mylk

I love the color blue; when I paint, when I create food, and in what I wear…almost daily. Blue food is extremely high in anthocyanins, a powerful phytonutrient that connects to receptors in the brain, and I believe brings higher consciousness or awareness. It is the food color that 85% of Americans don’t eat on a regular basis. . . so here’s to fun, faerie, magic, health and consciousness-expanding blue drinks*

My daughter & husband cannot have cow dairy, so we make different soaked/sprouted seed and nut milks. This recipe is something I created from soaked almond milk. You could probably use most milks, but I can’t vouch for ones I haven’t used!

It was raining here at the farm for the past couple days so I took this opportunity to drink hot drinks, make chili and eat desserts. . .

There is added fat (coconut oil) to balance the sweetness of the honey, and I would have also added collagen if I had it!

Most of the food I create is done with this idea of balancing flavors but also blood sugar-this is part of how I healed my physical system from PCOS, autoimmune issues, IBS, and a slew of things that went hand-in-hand with all those! Hope you enjoy!



2-3 Cups Almond milk (raise your hand if you’d like my recipe for almond mylk)

1 Tablespoon Coconut oil

1 Tablespoon honey (you could easily sub stevia or some other sweetener here-I prefer honey for it’s incredible healing and antibacterial effects)

10 Butterfly Pea Flowers, dried (this is what makes the drink blue-I know there are other blue options out there like Blue Spirulina, but I love this plant very much and the color is so beautiful!)

Pinch of pink salt (any salt will do..)

1/8 Teaspoon cardamom

2 teaspoons real vanilla extract

Sprinkling of pink or red rose petals



Warm a small saucepan of almond mylk on the stove on low, and add the Butterfly Pea flowers. They will keep releasing color for a long time, so you could even bring it to an almost boil and then cover and turn it off, adding the honey or sweetener of choice, the cardamom, salt and vanilla. Add the coconut oil too, and if you have collagen, I would add 2 Tablespoons (there are also vegan, marine collagens available now).

Once it is done to your desired color, warm it back up and strain it into mugs! Sprinkle rose petals on top and enjoy!


Faerie approved! 

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