I am a healing practitioner, teacher, and an artist; a path reached through my own road to wellness and health. I feel passionately about sharing knowledge and healing work to assist others on their personal healing journeys.

I support people through blending nutrition and art into shamanic and energy medicine healing practices. I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves, and my work in this lifetime is to share my knowledge and love of people, food, color, and personal process.


I am grateful to all the teachers and guides that have been allies along this path. I believe in the innate ability we have to heal ourselves, and I believe it also a process reached with support from others and a variety of modalities.

Thank you Betsy Bergstrom, Heather Powell, Joseph Rigan, Rachel Weitz, Roman Hanis, Nila Marina, Cynthia Robinson, Frank Harrell, and so many, many others that have been such beautiful guides, healers and teachers in my life.


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